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Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Food or Waste?

The innovation of using Black soldier Fly larvae for organic waste management is a life changer for the fuming issues regards to the management of organic waste in a sustainable manner. Wet waste management is the most hectic issue most developing countries face. Owing to the increasing population the waste generations is also increased to a level that man could not handle any more. But the real fact behind this so sorrowful. Both in developing and developed countries food is being wasted. 

The efforts of many farmers is dumbed into the garbage bins. But on the other side people suffering from hunger  live malnourished and die.  Considering the word a day, it sounds different for different people. For some people it is a matter of 24 hours, but for some it 3 times and they are worried about when would they be able to eat next.

Take a look at any market in your locality, the amount of edible items getting wasted is unaccountable. Apart form the money lost this food could have kill the hunger of many. Now I'm asking you a question!  can you undo this wastage ? If you got your self the answer as 'no' , you are in the right place.  We will tech you how could make edible food from organic wastes. I can visualize the frown on your face.  But trust me you won't feel bad after reaching the end of this page. So lets see how this small insects  can help us to managing organic waste in better useful way.

What is Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) are insects  belonging to the dipteran family. Yeah you heard it right, the same family where our  most trouble some  house flies belonging to. But BSF are neither harmful nor a trouble causing insect like house fly. They comes under the category of friendly insects. Just like an earthworms known to the friend of farmers these black soldier flies are friends of the whole mankind by serving a major role managing organic waste. So what if i tell you this black soldier fly has no mouth parts! You might be wondering what am i saying, how does an insect that too with out any mouth parts could solve the issues of wet waste management. Well I'm saying the truth. An adult BSF has no mouth parts and they live only for a couple of days. With in this short span of time the only job they do is to find their mate and give birth to new generation. The actual game players are these young ones called the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL).

An adult fly lays around 600-800 eggs at a time. These eggs hatches on the 5th day called 5 DOL (5 day old larvae). The female fly lay egg with an intention that the hatched 5 DOLS should be able to reach a food source. So they lay eggs on the crevices  near to a decaying organic matter. The larvae has mouth parts and the food they consume during the larval stage is the source of energy for the rest of their life. If such a condition has happened to you what would you do?. will eat as much as you can, right? Exactly that is what these larvae also does. They eat ferociously and store them as proteins, fats and lipids in their body. These highly proteinaceous larvae are edible for humans and can be used as feed for chicken, duck, fish and pigs. The life cycle of these flies are give below;

Different stages of BSFL
BSF Biopods

BSF biopods is a setup for rearing BSFL and along side organic waste management is also done. In short this is a system that bio converts organic waste into edible form of proteinaceous  food. Biopods are very much useful for farmers who runs poultry or fish farm along with agriculture. Even for people who has no such farm, this product is worthy. The basic idea of this biopod is to feed the hatched larvae of BSF with organic waste by exploiting their behavior of ferocious eating. At the 5 DOL stage they appear as white 1 cm long worms. The feeding period of these evanescent fly is only 10 to 52 days. During this period they grow in length and their complexion changes from milky white to a brown. After that stage they pass on to the next stage in their life, called Prepupa. At this stage they become black and stop feeding. For pupation they require a dry and dark environment. So they leave the feeding ground in search of such a comfortable environment for pupation. After pupation metamorphosis happens and the fly emerge just like how a butter fly spread their wings out of a pupa.

These  behaviors of BSF is exploited for the development of BSF Biopods. There are many different kind and capacities of Biopods available in the market. But the cost of it is usually higher for a farmer to afford. So ATREE-CERC developed a cost efficient and decent performing biopod which was named Biopod Raring and Self Harvesting  ( RSH v01.)

Biopod RSH v01

We organized training for Women Self help groups in muhamma and Kariyilakulangara on making these biopods. They were able to sell 75+ pieces at a margin of Rs 850/ piece. For poultry farmers the waste of chicken and their excreta can be fed to these larvae and matured larvae can be fed back to the chickens. This was of great help for them as the price of chicken and fish feed are increasing tremendously .

Training at Muhamma  

Training at Kariyilakulngara

Benefits of BSF Biopods

  • Required only a small space 

  • Easy to handle and establish

  • The larvae can be used as feed for chicken, pig, duck, fish or even for humans

  • Teal- the waste water from the biopod is a manure

  • Also the fraze - the excreta of the BSFL is also a potential  manure 

  • Can reduce pollution caused by the thorn away organic waste.

How to Make BSF Biopod RSH V 01

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