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Rainwater Harvesting to Resolve

Drinking Water Crisis in Kuttanad 

CSR Project Funded by LIC-HFL

“Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink”, the classic lines by Samuel Taylor Coleridge depicts the plight of the drinking water crisis in Kuttanad.  The area remains a paradigm of marginalized drinking water availability impasse. Despite Kuttanad being intercepted by lagoons, rivers and canals, and a flood plain of 5 major rivers in the state, people struggle to access fresh drinking water.

The project, “Rainwater Harvesting to resolve the drinking water crisis in Kuttanad” is a CSR initiative of LIC HFL which aims to resolve the drinking water crisis in the area by collecting and storing rainwater in ferro cements tanks of 10,000 liters. A total of 280 such Rainwater Harvesting structures are being provided for 280 user groups consisting of 840 families. 3360 individuals will meet their drinking water demands through the project.

By installing 280 rainwater harvesting structures a quantity of 2.8 million liters is stored for drinking purpose. The overflow from the 280 units directed to open wells or any ground water sources shall result in a cumulative recharge of approximately 70 million litres of water per year which can help in ground water recharge and quality enhancement.

Apart from resolving the drinking water crisis of the stakeholders, the project also aims to create water literacy among the people in the area. This behavioural change training is expected to create awareness on the conservation and wise use of water and other natural resources which in turn will help for the better conservation of the Vembanad wetland ecosystem.

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