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Jalapaadom was an education program initiated by ATREE-CERC for connecting students with the nature. Apart from the curriculum the jalapadom pedagogy was also taught to students with the support from the Department of education. Training programs were conducted for both students and teachers about water and nature. Several activities were conducted for creating enthisiasum in students about nature. CERC also provided a common platform for students to pitch their finds and to other students in different schools in alappuzha.  




   The wetland Study Centers in the partnering schools are very active. Each center has 50 – 80 members. The members meet once in a week and discuss the current issues related to water and wetlands. They maintain a notice board to display important news and stories. The other activities include organizing competitions,

handwritten/school magazines, student projects, cleaning campaigns, water quality monitoring etc. some schools have even prepared documentaries on the local environment. Around 2000 students and 50 teachers are directly benefited from the program every year.



   The Jalapaadom Habitat learning Project supported by WIPRO Applying Thought in Schools is one of the main projects of CERC which focuses on imparting quality environmental education among school children and has made a remarkable impact in the past. The main objectives of habitat learning are, learning about the environment; learning through the environment and learning for the environment. ATREE CERC tries to develop students with attitudes and values about the environment. In the current phase of the project, ATREE CERC is partnering with 10 schools in the Vembanad area to implement this unique activity-based learning programme to understand their land, soil, water, air and socio ecological systems.

The project envisions in bringing up a generation who is environmentally conscious and socially responsible.



   Bioblitz is a joint initiative of ATREE, India Biodiversity Portal, WIPRO Applying Thought in Schools and Jalapadom schools to nurture young talents in Biodiversity research and documentation. Bioblitz aims to understand the flow of life, its channels and connecting links and register them for future humanity from the

Vembanad Wetland System. This platform is for students to document and register their neighbourhood biodiversity from schools to home into the India Biodiversity Portal.


   Sanju Soman, Senior Program Officer at ATREE-CERC is the global school ambassador for UNSDSN as part of the Global School Program. The global school's program by UN-SDSN focuses on empowering schools and teachers globally to educate them on sustainable development goals. The aim is to enable schools and teachers to inform the future generation of community leaders, voters, citizens, and responsible consumers. By providing necessary tools and knowledge a long-term change and environmental justice can be guaranteed and ultimately empowering students to priorities SDGs in their lifestyle and professional careers. With the help of civil society organizations and individuals, the program has been able to create awareness about SDGs to a large crowd of students and teachers from across the globe. We have translated the SDG goals to local language Malayalam.


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