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   Social innovation Center was launched by ATREE CERC in Muhamma in the month of September 2018 to create a space for women to innovate and create enterprises that can directly or indirectly benefit the ecosystem. The innovation lab started off with basic facilities for sewing and the idea was to develop a platform for the women where they can refine their existing skills like tailoring. Now it empowers the women in the panchayat by capacitating them to start an enterprise and also to come up with innovative products.


1. To create an additional income source to women and to enhance their capacity.

2. To increase the quantity and quality of products and their market demands.

3. To replace waste materials with better alternative eco-friendly products

4. To set up more enterprise focusing on environment in different parts in Muhamma panchayat.

5. To provide technological support for modifying the existing products.

6. Act as a research and development center to innovate new products.

7. Develop products from water hyacinth.

8. Support the women group on branding and marketing for those who intend to start their own upcycling company or fish/clam value addition company.

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