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Community Empowerment 

ATREE CERC has selected and trained a group of women from Muhamma village to empower them in upcycling the materials. The women were able to learn about upcycling cloth bags, glass bottle cutting, upcycled furniture making and so on. With the help of Bhava Social Ventures, an associate of the program products developed by these women SHGs were marketed generating an additional livelihood for the deprived women community.  40+ women is able to earn an additional income in the extra time. On average, women have been able to make earnings of INR 3000 to 6000 per month now.

Training on Plastic waste segregation 

Women SHGs were trained in segregateing plastic waste collected from households based on the type of plastic before sending them for recycling. This effort of ATREE-CERC was part of the model wetland village project implemented in Muhamma Grama Panchayat

Upcycled products  

Local women were trained for making upcycled products from used fabrics. Upcycled saree bags, Pouch bags, String bags and tamboolam bags gained widespread attention.

This activity helps in the effort for reducing the overwhelming fabric pollution and generated an additional income for the local community.

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Value addition of local products  

As the fish and clam resources are being affected, several individuals especially women are moving or looking for alternative livelihood sources. ATREE CERC is working with various stakeholders’ to train on making products such as clam pickle, clam cutlet, fish pickle, clamshell ornaments, products from water hyacinth etc. The products are being innovated by collaboration with different organizations in the social innovation lab.

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