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Habitat Learning 

Habitat learning was a 3 Year project funded by WIPRO. As a knowledge generating institution ATREE has always valued the role of education in transforming societies. We believes that unless children connect with the environment in their neighborhoods they cannot relate to broader and remote environmental problems. ATREE emphasizes a learning-by-doing approach, in which children interact with their environment in a structured manner and learn how to value nature and conserve what sustains us all. Vembanad CERC is one of ATREEs field academy where its education program titled Jalapaadom has made remarkable impact and is officially being recognized by the education department of the state government.

Activities Under this Project

Plastic Cleaning Drive

Students converted useless plastics into useful products

Green Libraries

Provided nature related books for schools

Teachers Training

Training for teacher on how to implement CERC module


Check the link for documentaries made by students

Water quality monitoring @ school

Students were trained to check the quality of water

Nature Camp

Learn from nature with guidance from experts

Environment Day Celebration

An annual program coordinated with education department

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