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To restore, protect and maintain Wetlands


ATREE is a field academy engaged in sustainable livelihood, wetland conservation and climate action.

Improvement of traditional

livelihoods have been carried out with the -creation of 24 fish sanctuaries across Vembanad to increase the fishery resources.

- first participatory clam relaying project in the state at Vembanad to sustain the black clam resources.

Transparent, effective, inclusive and accountable institutions have a key role in attaining sustainable development. It ensures responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels, emphasizing the importance of public access to information, protection of fundamental freedoms and the promotion of non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.

Climate change has aggravated the complex threats posed to the Vembanad ecosystem. It has seriously impacted the entire natural resources of the system, its flora and fauna and in turn the livelihoods of its dependents. Above all, the increasing anthropogenic activities and extensive exploitation of the natural resources of the system are contributing to climate change and the impacts of which are inevitable now.

Jalapaadom (Environmental Education)

'Muhammodayam' (Rising Muhamma/ the rise of Muhamma) - an ambitious program launched under the aegis of ANTRIX CSR project to envision Muhamma Panchayath (in Alappuzha) a 'sustainable and climate-resilient model wetland panchayath'.

CERC is working with local LSG

to efficiently manage its

resources and waste by

imparting training and

awareness to various


Several programs have been

launched with the support of

local communities for the  scientific and pragmatic participatory monitoring of

Vembanad regions, such as:

-Continuous water quality and fish density analysis. -Vembanad Fish Count'- an annual participatory fishery survey - Resource mapping of Vembanad.

Jalapaadam is the first wetland conservation education program launched in the state. The program envisions to involve youngsters in Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) activities of the CERC to address wetland degradation issues and to help restore the Vembanad Socio-Ecological System. Japapaadam motivates students to appreciate the values of wetlands so that they become advocates for wetland conservation.

Several awareness programs are being held across the year in association with 



Protecting India's Largest Ramsar site

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