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Social Innovation Lab

Social innovation lab (SIL) was established in the year 2018 by ATREE CERC which an envision of generating livelihood opportunities for the rural community women as part of developing Muhamma into a model wetland Panchayat. Through the Social Innovation Lab's implementation, the project is endeavoring to establish a sustainable entrepreneurship opportunity for the community by establishing the concomitances in income generation and the role of gender, precisely women. And it is the formation of this innovation lab that made the scale-up even more responsive and faster.

Activities of SIL

The lab has developed several innovative products during the term. Listing from handmade paper made out of water hyacinth (aquatic weed) to up-cycled cloth bags, the various income-generating activities identified to provide the communities with further viable social-entrepreneurship possibilities. During the pandemic, the lab members rigorously engaged in the making of the mask and sanitizers. And currently involved in the pouch and cover bag stitching for the menstrual cups and cloth bags. 

Our Major Products

Upcycled Cloth Bag

String Bag

This bag will help you to carry around your belongings just like a lite weight backpack

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Upcycled Cloth Bag

Thamboolam Gift Bag

The perfect gift baggage with a touch of Indian tradition.  

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Upcycled Cloth Bag

Pouch Bag

Super convenient cloth bag which could fit inside a purse or pocket for your groceries   

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Upcycled Cloth Bag

Polty Bag

The carry bag that suits your style

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We are currently accepting orders for upcycling your own old fabrics into new awesome products

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