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Menstruation !

Menstruation, the periodic discharge of blood and uterine wall debris along with unfertilized egg is a common phenomenon happening in females. Every women experience this from their adolescents period till menopause. From ancient period several methods were adopted for handling menstruation. As this discharge happens every month the word 'Menstruation' was originated from a Latin word 'menstruare' (Means month- blood ). 

Globally, approximately 52% of the female population (26% of the total population) is of reproductive age. Most of these women and girls will menstruate each month for between two and seven days. However, in most parts of the world, it remains taboo and is rarely talked about. As a result, the practical challenges of menstrual hygiene are made even more difficult by various socio-cultural factors.

'Menstruation is not bad, But poor menstrual hygiene is'

To manage menstruation hygienically, it is essential that women and girls have access to water and sanitation. They need somewhere private to change sanitary cloths or pads; clean water for washing their hands and used cloths; and facilities for safely disposing of used materials or a place.

In India women are restricted from their daily activities and rituals during menstruation. Because of all these taboos and misconceptions menstruation and any issues related to it is untold and undiscussed even among women. Around 55% of women are suffering from poor menstrual hygiene issues in India. The lack of proper sanitation facilities and unhygienic practices are the major reason for many of the genital and reproductive issues of women.

Now women are being recognized to elite positions of the society but still many are afraid to speak about menstruation.  

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